If you are a revert muslim/muslimah, Alhamdulillah… and congratulations on your new found faith! Others will pray for a straight path, or to be guided to the straight path; but really there isn’t any. The good news is, we can set our paths straight and the struggle just begins there. We have to keep it that way. This Deen is made such that one can never study it on their own. The cause for this website and my online community, is to help each other keep this path of ours as straight as possible, In Shaa’ Allah… Whatever I post on this blog and also on the community, may require a series of feedback to and from everyone… and I absolutely welcome them so. I have been asked once on regards the online community page on Facebook: “Why are you making a new page, rather than supporting an existing page for this purpose? Also, is ‘revert’ an inclusive term? Many new Muslimahs do not identify as reverts but converts? Although noble, is aiming to support ‘all’ new Muslimahs is too large a target audience?” The point isn’t a target audience. Nothing is too large or too small to scale, with intentions such as to make Da’wah and/or share general opinions may it be internationally political or rather trivial, and whether it is based online or not. I advise we all do it as much as we can and it really doesn’t matter if there are other similar FB pages/websites, or what not… may be, off the internet as well. The more, the merrier. In fact, its just so nice to see that Islam is spreading at what some may consider an alarming rate, we need to have just too many a Facebook page about it.

Farah Abdullah



© In Brief… : A personal blog. Its also a resource about Islam, brought to you from a reverted muslimah’s perspective. Topics include general randomities/reflections and the basic struggles that are uniquely experienced as a revert; as well as many other beautiful things learned through the eyes of a new muslimah.

Who, exactly… are Reverts (in Islam) ?

In simple English, revert means ‘return to‘. It also refers to a noun as used in Islam for converts. Why is this term preferred by Muslims? Let’s take it to comparison. Convert is an act of change from one state to the other. In Islam, we believe that everyone is born a Muslim. In fact, in some genetic studies, this predispose towards belief in God is a built-in function to human beings. Hence, reverts are not only those who have newly embraced the Religion, but also any Muslim who felt they have lost their way and wants to return to the practise of Islam (through Tawbah). In short, there is no change of religion, just a return to Faith.

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    Reminiscing my first holiday season without Christmas

    Assalamu'alaikkum brothers and sisters. I just wanted to share a moment that is uniquely experienced by reverts only, which is the moment where some certain traditions end because of embracing Islam. There is a totally [...]

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